Our key actions to realize phase one are to …

Abbrevation of phase one is LADH = „Locally Adapted Dairy Heifer“ breeding program

  • build up and install a mobile IVF-lab in each of our target countries. Under certain conditions we may use an IVF-lab in more than one country.
  • produce embryos from collected oocytes and the semen of suitable breeding bulls.
  • secure funding of LADH enterprise for each country (ca. 300’000 USD).
  • identify suitable farming location for housing recipient cows / legal contract.
  • recruit reliable and professional staff to herd the recipient cows and equip the team with the needed equipment.
  • secure sponsorship organization which pays for 75% of total market price of dairy heifer cow sold for about 625 USD to small-scale farmers.
  • define a detailed training and audit/coaching program for small-scale farmers who qualify as recipients of a dairy heifer.
  • identify and select the most professional training and audit/coaching partner for each country of operation.